Who We Are

Matching Made Simple

Mintor is passionate about helping our youth access opportunities and businesses access young talent. We have built SA’s most effective Youth Employment Platform, one that connects thousands of capable young talent with businesses through effective screening and right-fit matching. 

In short: we help people find each other – quick, simple and hassle free.

Businesses using Mintor can double their retention rate through a quality shortlist carefully sourced from our dynamic and growing network of youth talent, whilst young job seekers are empowered with skill recognition and job application support wherever they are located.

Meet Out Team

Leànne Viviers

Creative Problem Solver & Meticulous Executor

MBA in Social Entrepreneurship from Oxford

15+ yrs in IT & Consulting (UK, USA, Africa)

Former World Bank global program manager:

SME skills development in 40 countries, 5m users

Marguerite Heyl

Big Picture Thinker & Dots Connector

Former Strategy & Innovation Senior Manager at PwC

CA with 15+ yrs in consulting and

investment banking (US, UK, SA)

Co-founder of The Heroine Project

Kripa Rajshekhar

Chief Motivator & Global Thinker

Former Partner at Ernst & Young (EY)

Co-founder of EY’s US Corporate Finance Strategy practice

Startup experience at 4 firms

Currently CEO and co-founder of Metonymy Labs

Join The Mission

Mintor is an award-winning Social Enterprise that aims to impact the lives of millions unemployed youth globally. Through our first-of-its-kind chat-based youth development and employment platform we enable development organisations to upskill millions of youth for work, youth to access career opportunities and businesses to find the right entry level talent.

Our team is passionate about devising sustainable solutions to address youth unemployment at scale through the use of technology. We believe that every person has a role to play and by working together, we can move the mountain. 

Join the Mintor journey!

Visit our corporate site for all our offerings: mintor.co.za 

Get in touch: info@gomintor.com